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We are one big, loving family, born and raised in Canada. We are dog lovers, and are the proud 'parents' of our two beautiful, obedient Boxers - our faun female, Lexus, and our brindle male, Bentley. We love our dogs, and we believe they deserve only the best. Whether it is food, dog toys and playthings or other dog accessories like dog collars, our dogs only get products of the utmost quality. Our dogs are always by our side, and together we've extensively traveled all throughout our country, as well as some parts of the USA.

We, Canadians, know cold. Our dogs, however, do not. Our extreme Canadian weather necessitates that we dress and bundle our dogs. We've been to all the large department stores but found a lack of choices, with the available selection being overly dull, generic, and lacking in quality and style. We decided something must be done. We've searched high and low to bring all dog lovers a selection of fashionable dog clothing and accessories of the highest quality, at a value. A collection of dog sweaters, collars and leashes that fit each dog's unique personality and dimensions.

Since we have begun our venture in 2012, we have shipped to satisfied customers in over 40 countries. We thank you for visiting our site, and we hope that you'll find what you need to make your four-legged friend happy!

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